What do you do when you retire ?

Either you are bored with daily monotony like shopping, cleaning, going for a walk, poisoning pigeons in the park ..... uh NO! Not my thing.

There are many things that you, or at least I, can do in this new phase of life to fill my days meaningfully.

This includes of course the everyday things but also hobby's and more. And so that I'm not too bored still a birthday gift came snowed into the house, or rather put in the garage, which has surprised me completely but absolutely delighted:

The blue Elise

Now the 'blue Elise' is not a smurf woman and also not a female creature from 'Avatar', but an old moped.

To be precise: a Peugeot BB 101 CT.

Why just something like that?

I told my wife about my moped, a Peugeot 101, which I had saved up in my youthful days in 6 weeks of bone-jarring work at 35 degrees in the shade during the summer vacations in a small job. That was my pride and joy, because after all my entire summer vacations had gone for it and it was also pride at that time whopping 690 DM from my own strength together saved and these in cash to the moped dealer to have carried.

My life companion had noticed this and had come across 'die baue Elise' by chance during a shopping spree. Of course, how else.
Without further ado, I thought about it, asked around, bought it and had it delivered.
And then there she was, as my birthday present.

And now I have a project: the restoration of a moped that is even older than mine. The 'Elise' is at least 50 years old, because it was built in 1972. But this model was made some years earlier and so the blue Elise could be even older.

And why 'The blue Elise' ?

As always with us, this was a spontaneous thought. The moped is blue, like the stupid anteater from old cartoons in our youth who was always tricked by a little ant.

Well then, let's go for it .........

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